Gordon Graham- Retired Commander CHP and Founder of Lexipol

I can recall a time when the police were part of the community, and the community included the police. I cannot identify the specific point in time when the separation occurred, but in too many communities there is a gap- in some a huge gap- between the police and the community. This separation has resulted in substantial problems and we must find ways  to, again, make the police part of the community. The innovative work of Ryan and Rodney, through Breaking Barriers United, is narrowing the gap, and for that, I am grateful and fully supportive of their efforts. Please take a look at what they are doing and how this can benefit community/police relations in your area.


Karen Comstock- Chief, Chino Police Department

The future success of any Police Department will be directly proportional to the relationship that the department has with its community. Breaking down barriers of mistrust between the police and the community will create a partnership that will enhance public safety and improve the quality of life. Sergeant Rodney Lombard and Officer Ryan Tillman recognize what a powerful crime deterrent a unified community and  Police Department can produce. Their personal stories and innovative strategies have begun to break down the barriers between the Police and the Community. It is an honor to work with such exemplary individuals, and I am confident that their work with the Breaking Barriers United initiative will improve policing and make our communities safer.


Joseph Paulino- Chief, SBCUSD Police Department

If there is ever a time in history to spark a deeper conversation regarding the relationship between  our law enforcement and our community, it is now! It will take a courageous effort to reconnect a desperately needed relationship between the police and the community. The powerful conduit created by Breaking Barriers United is a wide bridge to that ends. I proudly support the efforts of Ryan and Rodney with the creation of Breaking Barriers United. I encourage the entire community to rally behind their efforts.


Derek Williams- Deputy Chief Ontario Police Department

Ryan and Rodney are diligently working towards removing the "us versus them" way of thinking. Unfortunately, this has become the norm when describing the relationship between law enforcement and the community. Breaking Barriers United is a program they developed to bridge the gap and give all stakeholders a peek into the realities of living in the 21st century. I met Ryan before he became a police officer and this profession was the farthest thing from his mind. Now that he is an officer, he is determined to remove any negative perceptions and break all barriers. I am truly proud of Ryan and Rodney's work in developing this program. It is something to be supported. 

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