Ryan Tillman, Founder

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to all who have found interest in Breaking Barriers United. 2017 was a year that was full of blessings! Before I precede any further, I must acknowledge that this organization would be nothing without Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In February of 2013, my wife and I discovered we would soon be first time parents. I was selling insurance at the time, and as fear and worry set in about how I was going to provide for our new child, reality also set in. The current lifestyle I was living could not continue. Although I had small successes with insurance, for me, it was not the way the Lord called me to provide.

I was soon introduced to the possibility of becoming a police officer, which mind you, was the furthest thing from my mind for numerous reasons. In any event, my wife and I prayed to our Lord and said, “If this is Your will, open the doors. If not, close them.” Shortly after praying that prayer, the doors flew open to what I truly believe has been my God ordained destiny.

In 2013 I would go on to be hired by Chino Police Department, and start the academy with a new baby, born one week after I started. I graduated in 2014 number 2 overall in my class and quickly started my field-training program.

During my field-training program I often questioned myself if this career was what I really wanted to do. In July of 2014, I completed my training and became a solo officer. About a year later, the country was shaken by the events that occurred in Ferguson. As I watched what was unraveling on TV, I thought to myself, “Is this so-called “noble” profession truly what the Lord has in store for my life?” Bothered by what was going on, I discussed the events with my mother. She had asked herself if she believed I would have done the same or similar thing as the Officer in Ferguson.

Her Conclusion:

“Ryan is a loving son, loving husband, loving father and loving friend. If put in the same circumstances, I’m sure he would have reacted in a similar manner because I know at the end of the day he wants to come home to his family.”

Through my mother’s newfound perspective of Law Enforcement, coupled with the vision delivered by God, Breaking Barriers United was birthed.

In April of 2015, God revealed to me that the reason I was put in this profession was to truly understand why, we as Officers, do what we do and to change the perception of those who don’t understand. It was also my new mission to find the best police officers, not just for the Chino Police Department, but the country as a whole.

With the support of then, Sergeant Rodney Lombard, and the collaborative efforts of Pastor Jody Moore (Praise Tabernacle Bible Church), Chief Karen Comstock (Chino Police Department), and my good friend and Mentor, Gordon Graham, we created the first “BBU Initiative Workshop” Little did I know that this idea given to me by God was just a small piece to a ginormous puzzle.

BBU has since developed a trustworthy name amongst community members and law enforcement agencies around

the region. This is due to our firm belief that law enforcement and community relationships need to improve by being more transparent with one another. Since the implementation of our first initiative workshop, BBU has grown to be a success in Churches, Police Departments, School Districts and more.

My goal as the Founder of the organization is to have BBU become a household name throughout the country. With the development of an innovative recruitment program and a greater focus on our initiative workshop, BBU is the only consulting firm that addresses both the needs of the community and law enforcement, together.

In order for BBU to reach its goal of becoming the national go-to model for law enforcement and community relations, we need to expand; however, not to the detriment of sacrificing quality. 

As I write this letter to you, let’s rejoice and celebrate the successes of 2017 but prepare to explode in 2018.

I would lastly, but most importantly like to thank my amazing wife Kimberly for her support. There are many days and nights that I am gone patrolling our streets, or in front of an audience presenting to our fine members of the community while she is at home with our precious babies without complaint.

“He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord.” Proverbs 18:22

Kimberly I love you so much, and without you, I would be nothing. The Lord has truly blessed me with you in my Life and I want to tell you thank you. BBU would not exist without you!

-Ryan Tillman

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