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Fox 11 KTTV Spotlights Ryan Tillman and BBU

Fox 11 KTTV Spotlights Ryan Tillman and BBU

Gina Silva from Los Angeles Fox News affiliate KTTV, interviewed Ryan Silva for the Good Day LA program which originally aired on May 27, 2018.

Gina Silva met Ryan Silva, and quickly learned he is a charming, inspirational, young police officer who is very good with connecting with the community. "He's on a mission now to build trust and also to help people see a caring person behind the badge," said Silva.

With a captivated audience at Ramona High School in Riverside, police officer Ryan Tillman described a crazy call with a violent man, high on drugs. He explained how the police handled the situation, even though bystanders were filming Ryan and his fellow officers, yelling out "police brutality."

Ryan's point was pretty simple. "You don't need to be a fan of police officers you don't need to like police officers. But the next time that critical incident happens, just be able to get in all the information before you make an assumption of what happened."

Silva learned Ryan hasn't always been on the side of the cops. In fact before becoming an officer, he had a problem with "the men in blue." In fact, Ryan believed people who became police officers were those who were picked on in school, and now they were picking on others as police officers. 

After a family friend encouraged Ryan to enter the law enforcement profession, he prayed about it. Soon afterwards, he became a police officer with the Chino Police Department, where he's been for five years.

Silva quickly learned that Ryan does not have a problem speaking out about bad cops, but also doesn't have a problem speaking out about the good ones as well. "That's why officers get a bad rap is because they say we had 'The Brotherhood.' I'm not afraid to call out a bad officer, but I'm also not afraid to stand up for officers when they've done the right thing."


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