Initiative Workshop

The Initiative Workshop, developed to change the perception of law enforcement, is designed in a unique way that allows Students and Community members to openly voice their HONEST opinion about the way they feel about the law enforcement profession. Their voice is heard by Ryan and other members of the law enforcement profession and responded to in a non-confrontational, open-minded manner.

This platform design serves as a dual-sided communication vehicle as it also allows members of law enforcement to also share some of the frustrations they have with the profession and with things perceived by the community. Once these transparent gateways are opened, it sets the stage for both parties to share their personal negative experiences.

This pivotal point of the presentation allows the healing to begin and the barriers to come down. Once the audience recognizes this workshop is a "safe place", the restoration process begins by educating one another about lawful and common practices of the law enforcement profession.

By utilizing real-life law enforcement scenarios during the presentation, students and community members get to see through the eyes of a law enforcement officer and make those same difficult decisions first-hand in front of their peers. After the scenarios conclude, the situations are debriefed for the sole purpose of learning from one another.

This presentation design has proven to be very effective, as it captures the hearts and minds of every person in attendance. The goal of the workshop is not to get members of law enforcement and the community to like each other, but rather have a different and better perspective and global way of thinking when evaluating the next critical incident they experience either directly or indirectly. 


60-70 Minutes


Power Point
Verbal Instruction
Q & A Period


14 & Above

You visited my school a while back and it helped me more than you think. Sir, you are changing the world and what you chose to put your time and money into has changed and saved the lives of many... Read More


You came to my son's school last year and he was inspired and really enjoyed the knowledge he got from you. He told me about it as soon as I picked him up from school, so please, keep making a... Read More

Parent of a student

Today definitely made an impact on about 5 of my kids that I know for sure, which is a good thing. These kids I didn't think were going to turn in the right direction were really inspired... Read More

Football Coach

My little brother is currently a senior in high school with no motivation to do anything after school. It wasn't until he was introduced to Breaking Barriers United where he became motivated to... Read More

Sister of a student

Thanks for coming to Chavez Middle School today. It was so fun to watch you perform and tell us about your life. Thank you so much. Now I have more respect for cops and why they do there jobs.

Student of Cesar Chavez Middle School

Experts: Racism Exists In Your Schools And Few Teachers Are Trained To Handle It


Students respond best when teachers use various forms of storytelling. In one study, researchers showed high school students an anti-racism film, and when the students discussed the film after watching it, they retained their attitude changes about race one month later.


Some anti-racism workshop moderators have found role-play is most effective in helping people learn anti-racism. Six years after attending racism training, a former high school student said she still remembers a role-playing demonstration which taught her the lesson.


An effective anti-racism workshop must be structured around open and respectful discussion, and discourage people from refuting others’ experiences.

Calling others racist will put people on the defensive, but sharing personal experiences will facilitate better conversation.

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This workshop focuses on bringing students of different backgrounds together to find common ground and find solutions to work together. 

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Bullying is a major issue within our schools, Ryan has recognized that students must develop confidence in themselves to combat bullying. 

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Bullying is a major issue within our schools, Ryan has recognized that students must develop confidence in themselves to combat bullying. 

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